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Kansas City French Drain Installation

In spring and summer, Kansas City gets its fair share of rain. While some showers are good for your lawn and might even save you a little money on your water bill, heavier rains can be damaging to your landscaping and your property. At Prestige One Landscaping, we specialize in landscape drainage solutions that can prevent water damage, including French drain installation.

French drains are designed to stop surface and groundwater from harming foundations, prevent basement flooding, eliminate soggy spots and standing water on lawns, and relieve groundwater pressure that builds up behind retaining walls. With French drains, you can divert standing water to areas where it can be useful, like a flower bed or your backyard garden. We commonly complete French drain installation around foundations to prevent flooding.

French Drain Installation in Kansas City

No matter the size of French drain needed, Prestige One has the professional expertise, experience, and equipment to complete your installation in a timely manner.

Transparency & Honesty in Client Consultations

Integrity is at the forefront of our customer service, so before preparing for French drain installation, we’ll inspect your Kansas City property to see if we can solve your foundation issues with a less-expensive drainage project, or whether foundation repair is the best solution for you.

Efficient, Professional Installation

Once we have determined that French drainage installation is the best course of action for your Kansas City home or commercial property, we’ll calculate the necessary size and placement of your trench by analyzing your soil conditions, the issue you need resolved, and your groundwater and surface water conditions. Then we can begin the installation: excavating soil, compacting and sloping the bottom of your trench, lining the trench with a textile, and filling it with gravel and a perforated pipe that will quickly direct your surface water and groundwater away from your home.

French Drainage Installation That Seamlessly Fits Your Landscape

We finish off French drain installation by topping your drain with a permeable material of your choice, such as river rock, soil mix, sand, gravel, pavers, or straw. These materials will block solids from entering your French drain, preventing clogging, while still allowing water to filter through. They’ll also help your drain blend in with its natural surroundings.

We can also provide landscaping services to replace any landscaped areas that were removed to accommodate the French drain installation.You can rest easy knowing that your existing landscaping will remain as beautiful as it was before the addition of a French drain.

Consider French Drain Installation for Your Kansas City Property

If basement flooding, foundation issues, groundwater swells, or pooling surface water are plaguing your Kansas City home, Prestige One Landscaping can provide professional French drain installation to solve these issues. Meet with us for a French drain installation consultation and we’ll work to save you money and stress while improving your lawn and protecting your foundation.

Prevent further damage to your Kansas City property with French drain installation -- call us today at (816) 925-0309.