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The path that leads to your patio is pretty important. The retaining wall that separates your lawn has a vital role, too. So, before you move on and think that hardscaping is not important, we must correct you. 

Hardscaping is a game changer in your landscaping plan.hardscaping

A well-built, aesthetically appealing hardscaping feature can make all the difference in your landscaping design. Take a look at the many different kinds of hardscaping we complete for homeowners in the Independence area.

Stone and brick pavers - Pavers are durable, versatile options for your outdoor living space.

Retaining walls - A retaining wall keeps things in place and adds visual interest to your yard.

Concrete work - Need concrete repair for your driveway or patio? We can help.

Porous pave - Here's a green solution for your yard that helps with drainage issues.


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