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Koi pond design and construction in Kansas City - Prestige One LandscapingKansas City Koi Ponds

Want to add a striking feature to your Kansas City property without having to disrupt your existing landscaping? An ornamental pond can transform your outdoor space into a tranquil oasis for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you opt for a small and simple backyard pond, an ornamental pond with a flowing waterfall feature, or a koi pond filled with live fish, Prestige One Landscaping can design and construct a gorgeous water feature that fits in seamlessly with your existing landscape. Add monetary value, priceless aesthetic appeal, and countless personal benefits to your property with a purely ornamental water feature or a natural koi pond.

Get a Fully Customizable, Well-Constructed Koi Pond

Our quality workmanship and design expertise make it easy to choose an ornamental pond by Prestige One Landscaping. The ponds we create are easy to maintain and fully customizable per your style, shape, and size specifications. You can build a small 8 by 10 foot koi pond to enjoy from your back deck or front porch, or a larger backyard pond featuring a waterfall nestled amongst your flowerbeds.

Create a singular space for you to enjoy--we will work with the materials you request to execute your vision. We love helping homeowners in the Kansas City area transform their outdoor living space into a functional, beautiful place. 

Benefits of a Koi Pond in Kansas City

A koi pond is an excellent choice for a water feature. Because it is a natural eco-system, a koi pond will practically maintain itself. Algae on the rocks feeds the koi and other aquatic life; other than that, the pond requires a source of flowing water, like a waterfall, to provide oxygen to the fish.

Concerned about harsh Kansas City winters? The fish will survive year-round in the pond as long as there is an air hole open in the pond--this is created by the waterfall or a heater. Plus, a koi pond will naturally filter out chemicals that could otherwise damage nearby plants.

Prestige One: Experts in Koi Pond Design & Construction

At Prestige One Landscaping, we have years of experience with constructing ponds. If you know that you are interested in adding an ornamental pond or koi pond to your property, but you are not sure where to build your pond or what size and shape would look best for your property, we can also help you make these decisions.

Increase Your Property Value & Your Pleasure 

If designed and constructed properly, your ornamental pond or koi pond can increase your property value and, more importantly, transform your backyard into a space that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.

Improve Your Kansas City Property

If you are contemplating a koi pond or ornamental pond for your Kansas City property, Prestige One Landscaping would love to help you create the water feature you have envisioned. Call us today at (816) 925-0309!