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Kansas City Pond Fountains - Prestige One Landscaping Backyard FountainsKansas City Pond Fountains

Are you considering an ornamental pond or a koi pond by Prestige One Landscaping, or do you have an existing pond on your Kansas City property that just needs an extra embellishment? Water features can be instantly enhanced by the addition of pond fountains.

If you want your pond to make a stunning impact and be the true outdoor showstopper on your property, adding a pond fountain can accomplish that.

Pond fountains look beautiful on a variety of ornamental ponds, no matter their size and shape. Add one to a large backyard pond to create a gorgeous view from your deck or patio, or try a fountain in a smaller front-facing pond to boost your curb appeal.

Picking the Right Fountain for Your Water Features

You can choose from a variety of spray patterns, ranging from more dramatic ones that reach larger heights to more subtle ones that fit well in smaller-scale water features. Make your property one of the loveliest in Kansas City -- our team can make already existing water features even more attractive!

Keep Your Water Features Looking Fresh With Fountains

On top of their aesthetic appeal, pond fountains also have a practical purpose in your water feature. A pond fountain will aerate the water for any fish that you keep in your pond, as well as for the plants. Even if you do not have fish, you will reap the benefits: aeration circulates oxygen throughout your water to increase the life of your pond. Because of the oxygen, bacteria can quickly break down any plant matter and prevent any unpleasant smells.

In addition, a fountain causes movement in the water, helping push debris to the edge of the pond for easier removal. Most algaes favor stagnant environments, so they also help keep your water features algae-free! Prestige One provides fountains that combine both form and function, helping your Kansas City water feature stand out. If you do not have fish in your pond and algae is not a concern for you, you can even choose a more ornamental fountain.

Design & Installation of Pond Fountains in Kansas City

At Prestige One Landscaping, we not only specialize in installing fountains, but we can also provide guidance and design ideas to help achieve the vision you have for your Kansas City property.

Our trained professionals will help you select the right size of fountain for your pond by analyzing the size of your existing or proposed water feature, the purpose of the pond fountain (aesthetic vs. aeration), the style of your water feature, and your design preferences. We will help you choose between spray patterns and decide which fountains best fit your needs, your style, and your budget.

Get Your Pond Fountains in Kansas City Today!

Fountains can increase your water feature’s beauty, function, and lifespan. Kansas City is the city of fountains, after all.  Join in on the tradition and choose a pond fountain for your property! Click here to contact Prestige One Landscaping today to request a consultation on pond fountains, or call us at (816) 925-0309.