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We lay Mulch - Independence and Kansas City

Why Lay Mulch?

Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of your soil. It is often made up of scraps of grass, leaves, hay, bark and more, but it can be made of rubber, plastic, or a compost. Rock and gravel can also be used as mulch.  You can find plastic or synthetic fabric mats which are referred to as weed-barrier mats.

Mulch is generally laid around the base of trees and shrubs from when they are first planted.  Prestige One recommends renewing your chosen Mulch continuously as your plants life. and replenished as needed throughout the life of the plants. 

Most mulches provide the same benefits to your garden as follows:

  1. Water Conservation - The long hot Missouri summers often peak in drought conditions.  Well laid mulch will help conserve water in the soil by limiting evaporation.  This not only helps during dry spells but also reduces the frequency of neede watering.
  2. Temperature Moderation - Mulch helps increase winter soil temperature  and reduces summer soil temperatures by providing a level of insulation 
  3. Protective Barrier - Mulch will reduce the encroachment of grass and weeds around the base of trees and shrubs.  Not only increasing their aesthetic appeal but also reducing the competition for  moisture and much needed nutrients. 
  4. Mower Protection - A less well known benefit is the protection well laid mulch can provide for the base of trees and shrubs from the bumps and scrapes caused by mowers and weed strimmers. 
  5. Save those knees - When mulch ius laid thick enough to prevent weed & grass growth in unwanted areas it saves a lot of bending type maintenance.  This can really save a lot of wear and tear on your knees and back.   Our attractive, well-maintained mulch gives a landscape a finished, professional look.


Our Landscapers ensure your Mulch is laid correctly we will mulch a four foot diameter area around newly planted trees and shrubs.  This will generally increase as your plants grow throughout their life. Increasing the mulched is important to continue providing all the benefits of mulch to your plants.  Prestig One lays organic mulches sup to 3-4 inches thick. We do not mound mulch around the base of tree trunks and shrubs as this generally leads to insect, rodent and/or disease problems.


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When applying, your landscape professional will normally add around 2 inches of mulch to your soil.