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Natural Swimming Pools

Do you want to experience the cooling summer fun of a swimming pool without all of the chemicals and maintenance? Natural swimming pools are a great alternative to traditional pools. A chlorinated pool is difficult to maintain and can require many costly visits from pool maintenance providers. Natural pools, on the other hand, use biological filters rather than chemicals. They have a swimming area and an adjacent regeneration area where plants act as a filter and oxygenate the water. These biological filters are a living system that regulates itself. Because of this, natural swimming pools offer lower maintenance costs than traditional swimming pools with similar installation costs.

Reduced Exposure to Chlorine

People who swim regularly know that chlorine can wreak havoc on your skin, drying it out. It can also irritate your eyes and even change your hair color. Many people are also turned off by the harsh chemical smell that comes from a chlorine pool. That’s why more people are choosing to forgo chlorine treated pools in favor of the skin-friendly natural swimming pool experience.

Increase Your Home’s Value With Natural Swimming Pools

A natural swimming pool isn’t just fun for you and your family--it is also increases the value of your Independence home. Unlike traditional swimming pools that have to be drained and refilled every year, a natural swimming pool simply freezes in the winter and thaws when the weather warms, eliminating the cost and hassle of draining a pool.

Get Ready For Summer Fun in a Natural Swimming Pool

You can trust that our skilled team will take your particular landscape details and your family’s needs into consideration while creating a unique design to meet your needs.

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