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During the rainy season, the number one fear of most homeowners is water entering the basement and causing damage. Prestige One Landscaping has many landscape drainage solutions that facilitate water run-off away from the home in order to keep your basement dry and your belongings protected from water damage.

Since every home and escalation is unique, Prestige One Landscaping will assess the problem and provide the most cost-effective landscape drainage solutions to keep your basement dry. Some homes only see leaking during or immediately after a rain storm and those problems are more easily addressed.

Innovative Landscaping Solutions

Potential landscape drainage solutions for your home may include burying downspouts out and away from the home, using French drains where the water is taken into a drain that captures and carries it away from the home, putting dirt around the foundation to keep water away, or creating drainage swales which are valleys or dips in the yard that create a drainage channel to direct water away from the home.

We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest with homeowners on the best way to address water problems. We will let you know if the only available options are foundation repair or piering up your home, or if we can provide a less-expensive drainage solution. Our goal is to save you money.

Prestige One Landscaping offers many different styles of watering devices:

  • Rotors which are designed for large areas
  • Spray heads which are best suited for smaller lawns or flower beds
  • Drip irrigation, which is a hose with many small holes, designed for shrub or flower beds
  • Direct emitters which can be put in individual plants and water based on the exact requirements for each plant

Fast Drainage Solutions

When you need drainage solutions, you don't want to wait for a landscape company. Our goal is to minimize water damage with customized landscaping for each and every customer.


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